Aug 13

Google Voice Fax by E-mail

Last week, Simon Telephonics released its first paid service, Google Voice Fax by E-mail. This extremely affordable service provides unlimited sending and receiving of faxes using a Google Voice number that you provide, and you can set up a traditional dedicated fax line or an on-demand fax line that you can use for both voice and fax calls. There is a two-day trial period during which you can test out the service. So, if you want to see how it works, sign up through the Members page and if you are not satisfied, you can cancel before the paid subscription begins.

Jul 26

Google Talk outage affecting Google Voice gateway, 26 July 2012 07:30EDT

Google Talk is currently experiencing an outage. This affects Google Voice through the gateway–no calls can be placed or received through the GVGW at this time. Until the outage is resolved, you may want to forward your Google Voice number to a mobile phone or other alternative.

For current information: Google Talk status page

Update: Google Talk service was restored at 11:00EDT and the Google Voice Gateway is operating normally again.

Jun 17

GVGW account clean-up / maintenance

Google Voice accounts that fail to login (after they have been registered) will be removed on a somewhat regular basis. Basically, when I see statistics that show several accounts failing login, I’ll run the script to prune out those accounts. Accounts usually fail in this manner because the user changes his or her Google Voice password without coming back here to delete the GVGW registration first.

If you no longer want your Google Voice Gateway registration, please come back here and delete your account using the form.

Jun 06

“GV could not log in” when trying to set up a Google Voice Gateway

The cause of this error can be hard to determine, because what we get back from Google is simply “not-authorized.” That doesn’t say much, and it could mean anything from entering the wrong credentials to account locked-out.

If you are certain that your username, domain, and password are correct, try following the advice on this page from Google. Today we were troubleshooting a problem with one user not being able to sign up. Others were signing up just fine, and this user could connect to GMail and other services with the account.  Following the “Display Unlock Captcha” procedure listed on that page freed the account and he was then able to sign in.

Jun 01

New GVGW in place; registration reopened

The Google Voice gateway has been upgraded, seamlessly migrated to a new server with extra capacity. I also have a method for building out a gateway cluster, should the need arise. Who knows? This service has been very well-received.

The statement at the top of the registration form previously read, “Free during trial period,” and now reads “This service is donation-supported.” Thanks to everyone who helped me squash bugs and who made suggestions for improvement throughout the trial. Operation of the gateway will continue to be supported by the donations of those who use and enjoy the Google Voice Gateway.

May 11

People seem to like the Google Voice Gateway…

Actually, that would be an understatement! Response has been overwhelmingly positive and the gateway is currently at capacity, so I have to disable new registrations for the moment. Existing users, please keep using and enjoying the service. Prospective users, your patience is appreciated while I build out additional capacity. I may occasionally open the registration in the meantime and let a few new users in as there is availability. Please check the blog for more information or follow my Twitter feed.

Existing users can retrieve their SIP credentials by filling out the form and choosing GetRegistration, or delete their registration the usual way.

Mar 21

Setting up a Linksys PAP2 with the Google Voice Gateway

Thanks to Hans for a quick note on how simple it is to set up the Linksys PAP2 with Simon Telephonics’ Google Voice Gateway.

Start by returning the adapter to factory defaults.

Referring to the settings page that appears when you have successfully registered your Google Voice Gateway, configure the PAP2 as follows:

Line1 on Linksys PAP2  

Proxy and Registration
Proxy: Server

Subscriber information
Display Name:   Your name
User ID:              Username
Password:           Secret
Use Auth ID:       Yes
Auth ID:              Username

Make sure that the Info page shows the line1 status/registration state as “ONLINE.”

Mar 18

Be indispensable by acting dispensable

I believe that the IT consultant who will be hired again and again is the one who acts dispensable–as if every day is his last day on the job or project, and someone else will be taking over. In other words, he or she documents everything thoroughly, ties up loose ends, makes code and scripts discoverable, provides links to guides and tutorials, and even shows the customer how to do the work himself. The only thing to be gained by the IT consultant who holds valuable information back is a reputation of shadiness.